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Eight of the thirteen original states adopted the appointive process, but placed it in the hands of one or both houses of the legislature; three states provided for joint appointment by the governor and a council; and two states provided for gubernatorial appointment subject to confirmation by a council.
A power of appointment is a power, either created or reserved by a donor, that enables the donee of the power, acting in a nonfiduciary capacity, to designate recipients, within the limits prescribed by the donor, of beneficial ownership interests in or powers of appointment over the appointive property.
the electorate--or whoever selects them in appointive systems--is not
A number of commentators have argued that judicial independence is so threatened by judicial elections that the practice needs to be eliminated in favor of a strictly appointive system.
Closing the gap between those who insist that judges must be elected and those who want a merit appointive system appears impossible.
The initial reports on the bill did not say who would appoint the seven economists, except to say the president would not have appointive authority.
Is commander in chief of the armed forces and has wide decree and appointive powers;
In another proposal, Councilman Herb Wesson would keep the job appointive but allow a third five-year term.
Edward managed his share of the inheritance astutely, even though he spent much of his time engaged in politics--never running for an elective office or seeking an appointive one, but helping other men to gain office and make policy.
To date, 450 people from across the state are MPLP graduates and a fifth of them have served or are currently serving in elective or appointive office.
The objective of this movement was to use the presidency of the convention and its appointive powers to take over the convention's agencies and institutions, including its mission hoards and seminaries.
2) be a candidate for the MNA and ANA elective or appointive positions in accordance with qualifications set forth in the MNA or ANA Bylaws;
He may remove from office for gross neglect of duty or for corrupt conduct in office, or for any other misfeasance or malfeasance therein, any elective or appointive state officer, except legislative or judicial, and shall report the reasons for such removal or suspension to the legislature.
The Missouri Plan replaced partisan elections with a three-tiered format, the first two appointive, and the final one elective.
This issue of the Fordham Urban Law Journal presents the Fordham Law School symposium, "Rethinking Judicial Selection: A Critical Appraisal of Appointive Selection for State Court Judges.