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Synonyms for appoint

Synonyms for appoint

to select for an office or position

to supply what is needed for some activity or purpose

Synonyms for appoint

create and charge with a task or function


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Among those the council has considered appointing are former sheriff's Cmdr.
Schillo said he favors appointing an interim auditor-controller from a pool of applicants to oversee the office until it's up for election in 2002.
Supervisor John Flynn said he had no qualms about appointing Cohen as the county's interim top bookkeeper, but also would support interviewing other people for the job.
I would like to see them open the process up to search at least locally for a qualified candidate, rather than just doing the usual of appointing the deputy,'' said Maulhardt, who plans to attend Tuesday's meeting.
In the event that any such application is filed, such court may appoint a temporary Trustee at any time after such application is filed with it which shall, pending the final appointment of a Trustee, have such powers and duties as the court appointing such temporary Trustee shall provide in its order of appointment, consistent with the provisions of the Indenture.
In talks with the Daily News since Carney announced his resignation Saturday, Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford and Councilman Mike Dispenza say they prefer calling an election to appointing a replacement.
I really don't think the majority of people would be satisfied with us appointing right now.
Ledford suggested calling an election and appointing someone with City Hall experience - a former council member or commissioner - to fill the seat until then.
The council set a precedent in 1992 when it filled a council seat vacancy by appointing Teri Jones, the runner-up in the election three weeks before, Corrales said.
Council members appointing the commission members say the panel reflects the diversity of the city and will provide the council with good recommendations for change.
The way we're doing it now, it's like appointing them and letting them stay on there forever.