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Synonyms for appointee

a person who is appointed to an office or position

Synonyms for appointee

an official who is appointed

a person who is appointed to a job or position

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The new appointees are Mrs Ayinde Rhoda Olubusola and Mr Olusanya Ebenezer Abayomi.
The four appointees, who were working with temporary security clearances, are the latest administration officials to encounter issues amid increasing scrutiny of those trying to obtain permanent clearances, The Washington Post reported.
Some 3,385 appointees hold GED, while 1,795 hold university diploma and higher certificates.
In comparison, the presidents after Marcos have these numbers of appointees to the high court: Corazon Aquino, 19 in six years; Fidel V.
I appreciate the Senate reaching out, to let us know they want ample time to hear these appointees, said Governor Greitens.
Dallas council members in recent months have criticized some of the appointees ousted Wednesday.
It is also important for presidents and their personnel teams, as they seek to first evaluate and then select appointees from the hundreds of thousands of available applicants.
Trump's most recent appointees include Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, a reclusive businessman without public-office experience and with (http://www.
In reaction, lawyer Arturo Lachica said the attrition law cannot be applied on the BOC generals because their employment is "coterminous" to the appointing authority and are not regularCustoms appointees.
The Senate's appointees are Stuart Hill of Searcy, vice president and treasurer of White County Medical Center, and Brenda James of Little Rock, a math coach in the Little Rock School District.
28/2013 resolved to appoint a Select Committee to vet the appointees of the president in accordance to Regulations 148 of its Conduct of Business Regulations 2011.
Bush administration's Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART)--which scores agencies' effectiveness on a scale of one to 100--to "compare the performance of federal programs administered by appointees from the campaign or party against programs run by .
In short, Democrat appointees to the Court consistently support Democrat political philosophy, while Republican appointees often end up in opposition to Republican political philosophy.
In the past 10 years, seven of the 11 appointees, including Carothers' replacement, have been in black wards, and only two have been in white wards.
The average payout for senior fixed term appointees was pounds 31,890 but the highest award was pounds 84,563, according to official figures released by Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth.