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Synonyms for appointee

a person who is appointed to an office or position

Synonyms for appointee

an official who is appointed

a person who is appointed to a job or position

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And ambassadorships provide methodological leverage for evaluating performance because of a large available sample, variation both across type of appointee (careerist and noncareerist) and within type (background characteristics) for similar positions with uniform appointment criteria and legal authority, and a statutorily designed evaluation scheme with clear criteria for performance.
Greg Abbott's University of Texas regent appointees were confirmed by the Texas Senate on Wednesday.
Resolution ( GR) that if the political appointees do not resign on their own, their appointments can be scrapped," an official said on condition of anonymity.
Beebe's appointees are Barbara Graves of Little Rock, a retired businesswoman, and Larry Ross of Sherwood, president of Ross Consulting LLC.
Turning point in the vetting process of the appointees of the president in South Sudan National Legislative Assembly
Both Republicans and Democrats almost always unanimously support any appointment made by a president of their own party--even when the appointee clearly does not match their own philosophy.
In the past 10 years, seven of the 11 appointees, including Carothers' replacement, have been in black wards, and only two have been in white wards.
The Senate's role in confirmation of political appointees.
The appointee could opt to run for election that May.
Finally, all appointees must agree that, upon leaving government service, they will not engage in lobbying before any Executive Branch official or non-career senior executive service appointee for the remainder of the Obama administration.
A spokeswoman says the governor will look for another qualified appointee.
AYou could apply to become an appointee for your father.
Because Doan is a presidential appointee confirmed by the Senate, the president is empowered to decide what, if any, action to take.
The first chair of our board of directors, Christopher Cross, was a former Republican staff director on Capitol Hill and was also a political appointee in the George H.
And as an appointee of 4th District Supervisor Don Knabe, he may be biased because Knabe's son Matt Knabe is a lobbyist for the airport.