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a decorative design made of one material sewn over another

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sew on as a decoration

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* 4"x6" rectangle of coordinating print cotton fabric & fusible web (applique)
Each bug body is made from four felt panels (front, back, and two linings) with contrasting appliques. You can make all panels the same color, or use contrasting felt for the lining.
2 Making the Placemats Refer to the applique placement diagrams for color placement.
1 Note: As are cut oversize to allow for shrinkage during applique. Referring to Diagram l-A, fold pale aqua A in half horizontally, vertically and diagonally, and lightly finger press the folds.
Using a seam ripper, make a small slit in the stabilizer, centered within the smallest applique section.
Edge stitch all applique patches using machine blanket stitch and matching thread (Diagram IV).
Use matching thread and a blind stitch to applique the patches in place.
3 Note: White B is cut oversize to allow for shrinkage during applique. Fold white B in half vertically and horizontally and lightly finger press the folds.
Lightly dab back of applique shapes with washable glue stick (Photo C).
The templates and applique pattern are on the pattern sheet.
This quilt is perfect for lovers of applique and scrap quilts.
Backing 1 1/4 yds ** Batting size 44" x 44" Batting (applique) 14" x 20" *** Paper-backed fusible web 1/8 yd.
Hire's APP IS FOR APPLIQUE (9781604601077, $24.95) features some 14 applique floral patterns, provides applique embellishments based on these, and is a pick for any needlework collection.
Elegant Quilts, Country Charm: Applique Designs in Cotton and Wool is an outstanding reference for any needlework collection and covers the basics of using wool applique to add texture and color to quilts and other projects.