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a decorative design made of one material sewn over another

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sew on as a decoration

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To start the applique, make a template of the shape using plastic.
Using acrylic or fabric paint and paintbrush, paint the applique right side as desired to add detail and dimension, using the photos as inspiration.
Reportedly, this testing is expected to enable the US military to obtain the required Material Release for SRW applique fielding.
As the developer and producer of these other key network components, we bring a unique capability and skill set needed to deliver and integrate an SRW applique into the existing network architecture.
The Harris SRW applique systems consist of a Falcon III wideband radio and small form factor wideband power amplifier.
Step four: Pin the appliques in place, ensuring they don''t stray over the sewing line or they will disappear into the seam.
According to the Wikipedia internet encyclopaedia, "The word applique comes from the French word appliquer, meaning to put on or to lay on.
The Rags Land Collection offers styles to suit any occasion embellished with hand-smocking, applique, and embroidery.
There are a number of suede pieces in soft brown or chocolate, including a high collared coat with fan applique patch pockets and turned back cuffs, and also a fan applique wrap skirt.
Patchwork, applique, embroidery and other techniques have long been practiced there, but the ``quilting craze'' took Japan by storm just 25 years ago.
Both custom and automotive Tier One formers are bracing to meet the demanding requirements of the applique market," says Alongi.
When using IMD, it is necessary to fill the back side of the applique with plastic by placing the gate behind the applique to prevent material from getting in front of the part and causing a defect.
Suppliers are after a handcrafted look in shower curtains as well, using a wide range of embellishments from embroidery and applique to glitter.
The GPS-112 Applique automatically acquires global positioning satellites (GPS) when the unit is turned on.