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Good basic science would be nothing more than a laboratory curiosity if it were not for the applied scientist who develops a use for it.
In his days as a senior applied scientist at IBM, he got caught with what was known within Big Blue as The Fever - an all devouring love of technology which led him to spend an average of 75 hours a week with his head stuck inside a desktop.
Rearden Commerce, a next-generation eCommerce platform company, today announced that Adam Pease, Senior Applied Scientist, will present an overview of ontology at an SRI Artificial Intelligence Seminar in Menlo Park, CA on June 16, 2011.
Stimulating research and system development in logical reasoning is an essential aspect of furthering the community's work in semantic technology," said Adam Pease, Senior Applied Scientist, Rearden Commerce.
Rearden Commerce, a next-generation eCommerce platform company, today announced the appointment of Adam Pease as Senior Applied Scientist.
HP (NYSE:HPQ)(Nasdaq:HPQ) today announced that Barney Oliver, founding director of HP Labs and pioneering applied scientist, will be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
Lenne (Monash University Accident Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia), and Geoff Underwood (University of Nottingham, UK), "Increasing Motorcycle Conspicuity: Design and Assessment of Interventions to Enhance Rider Safety" will prove to be directly relevant to researchers and applied scientists from the fields of traffic/transportation psychology and human factors, as well as to practitioners from the traffic safety sector.
Contributed by natural, social, and applied scientists mainly from the US, the 12 chapters in this volume consider the prospects for resilience planning in the case study of Jamaica Bay, a large coastal lagoon on the southeast side of New York City affected by Hurricane Sandy, to make it more resilient, sustainable, and a better place to live, as an example for other urban estuaries and watersheds.
The inter-sectoral dimension of the consortium consists of fundamental and applied scientists from 3 universities, 1 technological institute, 2 government agencies, 1 NGO and 5 SMEs.
Department of Energy have put forth great effort to encourage collaboration across scientific disciplines and between basic and applied scientists and engineers because this is where innovation based on a solid foundation of scientific research is born.
They emphasize the similarities and differences between the three phases of particle in ways useful for applied scientists, practicing engineers, graduate and undergraduate students, and researchers concerned with multiphase phenomena.
John Spriggs from the University of Canberra, Australia, who was the chief guest, urged the social and applied scientists to enhance their collaboration to jack up the agricultural productivity.
Our Technology team is continuously growing, and we have career opportunities across all of our core disciplines: Applied Scientists, DSP Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Product Designers, RF Engineers, Software Engineers, Technology and Innovation Managers.
It addresses the needs of multiple interlocking communities including methodologists in mathematics, statistics and econometrics as well as basic and applied scientists in biology, chemistry, physics, public health, medicine, education, mining, geology, computing, food processing, agriculture and engineering.
Applied scientists may find the text a useful reference.
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