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the branches of mathematics that are involved in the study of the physical or biological or sociological world

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13] Xi-Qiang Liu, Song Jiang, 2004, New solutions of the 3+1 dimensional JimboMiwa equation, Applied Math.
Students applied math skills to scenarios of life's costly challenges to prepare them to make the right decisions in their future.
Results revealed that math computation was the best predictor of applied math performance, followed by the Maze task measuring reading comprehension.
The topics range from pure mathematics to applied math, but all essays are suspenseful and fun to read.
The reading and applied math sections of the TABE each contain of 25 questions, and the computational math section contains 15 questions.
I want to know whether I should take academic or applied math because I really want to know what I should do with my life," says the teen at Bible study.
4] Xiyu Kang, Some identities involving Chebyshevs polynomials, Pure and applied Math.
The final sample represented a range of seven different colleges and 32 majors, including English, Chinese, history, music, civil culture, accounting, physics, applied math, electrical engineering, medicine, nursing, and education.
Berry, professor and chair of the department of biostatistics and applied math at M.
Confederation is also updating and web enabling the Technical Calculations and Sciences CD Rom used to teach applied math and science to apprentices.
A decade ago, the Applied Math and Science Academy labs were created to teach students about robotics and other technology - subjects they would no doubt need to know about to compete for jobs in this high-tech world.
This research investigated the impact of the traditional Houghton-Mifflin Mathematics curriculum and the Cord Applied Math curriculum on students' mathematics achievement, as measured by students' yearly Stanford Achievement Test scores.
Hauptman then rewinds to Hardy's (David Arrow) speech to the London Mathematical Society five years earlier, in which his academic purism is announced by the statement that applied math is not true math "because it is ugly.
A background in engineering and applied math led the Air Force Academy grad to write a program as a study aid, and he aced the test.
After a year-long project that applied math, social studies, and language arts skills, their neighborhood had the most complete census count of any in the city.
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