applied anatomy

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the practical application of anatomical knowledge to diagnosis and treatment

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State-of-the-art three-dimensional cardiac MRI married to modern biomedical engineering and applied anatomy and physiology enabled this approach.
Throughout the book there are interesting inserts of applied anatomy and useful clinical examples are given.
The syllabus included modules on anatomy and physiology, applied anatomy, massage, lymphatic drainage, nutrition and aspects of other natural therapies, including herbal medicine, acupressure and ayurveda.
Open reduction and internal fixation of common fractures, reduction of dislocations, fundamental knowledge of anatomy, applied anatomy, and kinesiology remain the common grounds on which we all tread.
On completion of the A2 Level students will have a thorough understanding of applied anatomy, physiology in relation to sport, exercise physiology, the history of sport and sports psychology, " she said.
The Resource Manual provides information on a variety of topics, including applied anatomy, exercise physiology, pathophysiology, general aspects of health assessment, specific exercise testing protocols, exercise prescription, safety and emergency procedures related to exercise testing and exercise programming, human development, behavioral responses to exercise and health programming, and administrative concerns related to implementing exercise testing and prescription programs.
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