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readily applicable or practical


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It is the purpose of this essay to examine the potential for fruitful interaction between Murphy's integrative model and positive psychology, a burgeoning movement within psychology that encourages theoretical, empirical, and applicatory work on factors that facilitate or hinder human growth and flourishing.
Anandavardhana's position with regard to Pratibhaguna and its applicatory necessity in the transformation of poetic contents and poetic personality has been substantiated by the views stated in the foregoing.
The nature of wholeness could very well be understood and it is precisely the function of sensibility to divide and break experience into ideal and exact locations in the hardness and purity of enrichment in emotion, feeling, language and thought but question still remains as what constitutes coherence and organization in applicatory and applied medium of artistry.
Many activities involved joint considerations, and all were part of the applicatory method of instruction adopted by both war colleges in the early 20th century.
Modified from the German applicatory method, the American version was an approach to solving military problems.
The second phase of the applicatory method was to translate the decision into clear orders for subordinates.
Within this framework of the applicatory system, students and faculty alike explored the possibilities and systemic shortcomings of joint operations within the War and Navy Departments.
We make these applicatory clarifications of our commitment as supporters of ECT in order to prevent divisive misunderstandings of our beliefs and purposes (Neuhaus, 1995).
Applicatory Framework: The regressive nature of existing tort law
This is an applicatory study in terms of objective and tries to investigate the role of risk management in these project by identifying the risk's origins in oil operational and desalination projects in Ilam province.
Hoseini has evaluated the infrastructure of implementing knowledge management in Tehran city, The research was of applicatory type from objective point of view and from statistical point of view was field type.
The research is of applicatory type from objective point of view and from statistical point of view is field type.
Thus, to evaluate and estimate the environmental variables, modern applicatory methods such as geostatistics is needed.
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