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a device for applying a substance

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Applicators will be required to maintain records of each application; records are required to be completed at the end of each day of application.
According to Ostrower, "The clear trend in applicators is the constant re-definition of the applicator as a standalone beauty tool category.
Absorbed dose at the target point was significantly higher for the Fletcher type applicators as compared to the ring applicators.
Under this agreement, Elekta will market four Kobold applicators, each featuring a 10-year expected life, and the Kobold prostate template.
It's especially scary when you consider that plastic applicators dominate the market.
Laser applicators are placed according to the area and up to four applicators can be used at once.
When architects and contractors work with a metal applicator certified by PPG, they know that applicator has been trained and audited to provide exceptional levels of product quality and customer service," he explained.
Applicators for cervix cancer brachytherapy (BT) enable cancer treatment that in comparison with external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) provides better radiation coverage of the high risk clinical target volume (HR-CTV) and better avoidance of organs at risk [1], During the last decade remarkable progress has been made in radiotherapy, including cervix cancer BT (2).
The permit also would require applicators to minimize pesticide discharges into water.
Dior Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Rosy Tan | pounds 40 Solid plastic packaging, useful square mirror and two double ended applicators make this very user friendly.
The applicators can be made from materials such as (but not limited to) cosmetic foam, felts, wools, polyurethane, and uncompressed melamine.
Chit Chat Eyeshadow Quartet in Charcoal and Smoke (pounds 1) Verdict:Good choice of colours which can be built to smoky eye plus two applicators.
Applying labels up to 40% faster than standard tamp applicators, the model 450W label printer-applicator uses a high-speed, wipe-on module.
Weber Marking Systems, Arlington Heights, IL, USA, is a manufacturer of applicators, and also a full-service label converter.
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