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a device for applying a substance

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Reasonable amount of each colour and good sized mirror and double ended applicator makes this a good holiday choice.
Double ended brush and applicator plus mirror makes this all in one.
EasyCoat batter applicators thoroughly coat all product surfaces.
In a blind study, three out of four consumers chose Zodiac's Pet Specifix applicators over the leading brand," says Siegel.
While Fanuc Robotics (Rochester Hills, MI) certainly has one of the industry-leading seven-axis painting robots with its P-200E, and while it is a supplier of both robots and applicators to suppliers of bell systems, according to Martin D.
However, sponge tip applicators can be great for applying a sweep of eyeshadow that doesn't need much blending or applying highlighter on to your brow bone.
New line of EasyCoat[R] applicators uniformly apply batters, marinades and a variety of breadings to all product surfaces.
Applicators and workers are exposed to pesticides, through application processes and contact with benches and plants during handling or trimming.
FORT WORTH, Texas -- The ID Technology Model 450W is a high speed wipe-on Label Printer Applicator that applies labels 30-40 percent faster than standard tamp style applicators.
Durapaint Industries is now part of a select network of commercial coating applicators certified by PPG to apply high-performance DURANAR fluoropolymer coatings to aluminum architectural components.
EB 60 Flex applicators optimize material use and production efficiency saving manufacturers material cost and maintenance time while improving product quality.
Lyapko Acupressure Applicators are elastic plates and rollers with small needles consisting of metals that are necessary for the body: zinc, copper, iron, nickel, silver.
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