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a device for applying a substance

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This truly fits a need in the market for an applicator that gives extremely tight keep-out areas and excellent edge definition, but sprays at high speed and can accommodate a wide variety and viscosity of fluids.
Julia Kiener, head of marketing at Geka, tells Beauty Packaging: "Due to the rising popularity of bloggers and influencers who thoroughly examine products and post close-up pictures of the whole package, consumers are more aware of the applicator than ever before and have higher expectations.
The subject of considerable research is to analyse the dose distribution scheme to the target by using Fletcher-style applicator and ring-type applicator.
Human care company Elekta AB (STO:EKTAB) announced on Thursday that it recently entered an agreement to serve as the sole distributor of Kobold Medical's brachytherapy applicators in the US.
Kate Connors, a spokeswoman for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, is not aware of any medical data or scientific evidence suggesting that plastic applicators are better for women's bodies than cardboard applicators or applicator-free tampons.
Each treatment may be customized according to the client's needs and desires, tailoring the applicators to major areas or smaller areas like the back of the arm or calf.
When architects and contractors work with a metal applicator certified by PPG, they know that applicator has been trained and audited to provide exceptional levels of product quality and customer service," he explained.
In the case of the cervical cancer it is also important due to BT applicator design.
The applicator has a container in which a cosmetic material is produced by mixing three compositions.
com)-- An innovative and useful new product designed to provide its users with a simplified method of availing themselves of a highly beneficial daily skin maintenance practice, the Fabulous Joy Applicator, has been developed by Joyce B.
9 August 2012 a[euro]" US hot melt and cold glue systems supplier Axco Adhesive Systems Company Inc on Thursday said it had taken over sector firm Applicator Systems Inc.
BIOPURE HAS LAUNCHED the Bio Tube Applicator, a pneumatically operated machine that, according to the company, allows you to insert components into tubing easily without the need for lubricant such as isopropyl alcohol.
The applicator for economically affordable house would hide private information and provide false information in order to obtain economically affordable house because the economically affordable house price is much lower than market price (Li et al.
Packaging is beautiful with flower patterned powder, pale pink cover and even a ribbon to ease the applicator out of its place.
This expanded line of highly functional, uniquely shaped applicator heads are designed for the company's patented line of plastic ampoules.
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