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readily applicable or practical


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Caption: Figure 2 Progress of the times recorded by the subjects during the unified gymnastics applicative track
In a detailed formal semantic and syntactic analysis of applicative arguments in German and English, Bosse surveys the different types of applicative arguments found in the two languages and provides formal tests and characteristics that differentiate the types.
The high expenses on applicative research and experimental development and the high number of technicians and other supporting as percentage of enterprises sector's expenses and R&D workforce ask for a better link with tertiary education sector which has high level of the expenses for basic research and a high percentage of researcher as a percentage of the sector's workforce.
From using applicative programming techniques and understanding variable scoping to handling higher-order functions and using recursive functions, this packs in details on flow-based programming, property-testing impure functions, and all kinds of scripting issues and questions, and is a 'must' for any web or JavaScript programmer.
and get an opportunity to attend training courses and gain applicative knowledge about registration of enterprises, tax legislation and
The event ended will full fervor leaving participants and volunteers appreciate and comprehend how complex ideas and challenging problems can be deciphered, discussed through prototyping and applicative demonstrations," said Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab.
CRISMAT aims at contributing to the technological innovation in the societal domains of energy and communication - information technologies (CIT's), via a combination of fundamental and applicative research.
Contrarily, the alternating clitic in non-anticausative intransitive verbs, as in examples in (5), as well as the non-alternating clitic in accusative contexts, as in examples in (3), are dative arguments within low applicative phrases.
The Review of Business was first published in 1968 as a journal that concentrated on the New York economy, but it rapidly evolved to focus on business research that favors the practical and applicative side of inquiry.
The hypothesis followed here is that monotransitive roots with causative or applicative derivation should behave like three-participant verbs, as often assumed in the literature:
Discussions focus on issues related to broadband internet, the new generation of mobile networks, along with presentations of specific applicative software solutions.
On the applicative side of the discussion, there are talking points on developing strategies for social media success such as managing account profiles, acquiring vanity URLs, linking profiles for efficient distribution of information, and customization of sites to match your library's branding.
There are also new applicative tools for lifter and insert creation.
She said that former PM AJK Raja Farooq Haider was also following the same line adopted by Mian Nawaz Sharif and had forgotten the fact that while receiving BISP forms, he was quite applicative of BISP and termed it a very useful programme.
Computing comes from an applicative context, consequently, knowledge from Physics and engineering sciences will be required, thus, the denomination "computing in science and engineering" appeared.
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