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readily applicable or practical


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Starting from the hypothesis of the paper, that: if we use a game program, stages and applicative pathways, we will improve the students' motor capacity, we followed the behavior of the dependent variable (application paths) within the two groups (experiment group and control group) the application of the independent variable was performed only within the experimental group (introducing the physical education of the scales and the application paths).
However, provided that [a.sub.A] > [a.sub.A][degrees] (which requires that [a.sub.A] > a), if platform and applications are strong complements and applicative products are strongly complementary between them, then the sign of profit differential may become negative, as occurs in region D of Figure 2.
It refers to banking system presenting applicative forms of Islamic economic concept that is wisely formulated in the current context of problems faced by Indonesia within the consciousness of the historical socio-cultural condition of this country.
Fifth international scientific and applicative conference KNOWLEDGE--WHO AND WHAT, 21-25 May 2015, Bansko, Bulgaria, Journal of Process Management (JPMNT)--New Technologies, International, The International Scientific Conference "KNOWLEDGE - WHO AND WHAT"(held in Bansko, 21-25 May 2015), Special Edition, Volume 9, May 2015, p.
The new treatment is actually disproportionately applicative to non-smokers, as it only targets one type of genetic mutation.
Applicative Arguments: A Syntactic and Semantic Investigation of German and English
Map 9 and 10 show languages with causative and applicative prefixes, respectively.
However, as mentioned previously, further general applicative performance evaluations still need to be concluded for this resin.
Beginning with an introduction to functional JavaScript and a discussion of functional programming oriented libraries, the work discusses topics such as first-class functions and applicative programming, variable scope and closure, higher-order functions, function-building functions, recursion, purity and immutability, flow-based programming, and programming without class.
The research-development expenditure on whole economy, between 2005 and 2011, increased for all types of research: fundamental, applicative and experimental development.
From using applicative programming techniques and understanding variable scoping to handling higher-order functions and using recursive functions, this packs in details on flow-based programming, property-testing impure functions, and all kinds of scripting issues and questions, and is a 'must' for any web or JavaScript programmer.
and get an opportunity to attend training courses and gain applicative knowledge about registration of enterprises, tax legislation and
"The event ended will full fervor leaving participants and volunteers appreciate and comprehend how complex ideas and challenging problems can be deciphered, discussed through prototyping and applicative demonstrations," said Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab.
CRISMAT aims at contributing to the technological innovation in the societal domains of energy and communication - information technologies (CIT's), via a combination of fundamental and applicative research.
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