application program

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The interactions between these components are formally defined and the application program must follow rules defined by the DSM.
It's estimated that a full software upgrade for Windows 95, including upgrades of the most common application programs, will cost $500 to $800 a computer.
MANY OF TODAY'S popular accounting, spreadsheet, database and word processing programs can convert files configured in their formats for use in many other application programs.
They will be able to run any application program, no matter which operating system it was designed for.
0 include the ability to interact with Product Manufacturing Information (PMI, also known as GD&T), a plug-in application program interface (API) to create custom solutions, a completely new user interface, improved analysis capabilities, an easier exploded assembly creation tool, and more.
This information is very important when installing additional hardware, such as tape backups or network cards or when an application program reports that it is out of memory.
0 Allow Users to Interact With Product Manufacturing Information Annotations and Use a Plug-In Application Program Interface to Create Custom Vertical Industry Solutions
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