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Forte's proven strengths in application partitioning, deployment and management are being brought to Sun standard technologies such as JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans(TM), Servlets, RMI and JTS.
The Milinx Managed Application Platform complements the Milinx Application Data Center clustered environment and features dynamic, fail-safe, advanced application partitioning and enhanced load balancing capabilities.
0 is the first tool to introduce object partitioning, following on the success of the drag and drop application partitioning implemented in Release 1.
3 runs natively on the Linux operating system and supports distributed processing, application partitioning and Web deployment.
Developer/2000 is the first development tool to deliver workgroup-through-enterprise scalability, achieved through breakthrough technology such as drag-and-drop application partitioning and extensive database integration.
It also incorporates the key attributes - policy creation, rapid provisioning, troubleshooting, monitoring and user and application partitioning - required to deliver revenue-generating services.
Scalability and Performance - KIVA Enterprise Server offers industry- leading performance and scalability with features such as dynamic load balancing, application partitioning, multi-threading, multi-processing, database connection pooling, results caching, and streaming.
Application partitioning allows smaller applications to work together, increasing application and network efficiency.
A subsequent iteration featured enhancements such as Java and HTML-based user interfaces, visual dynamic application partitioning, system and application management, team development, transaction processing, and open integration to third party tools.
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