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Synonyms for application

Synonyms for application

the condition of being put to use

the giving of a medication, especially by prescribed dosage

steady attention and effort, as to one's occupation

a document used in applying, as for a job


Synonyms for application

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Application proxies provide comprehensive application assurance services to data center teams: securing the web applications from professional hackers and their methods, accelerating the user experience through caching, compression and connection pooling, and increasing application availability through load balancing and application health checks.
BIG-IP comes with new versions of F5's customizable iRules and Universal Inspection Engine (UIE) to provide unprecedented control over how to handle application traffic at any moment within the application transaction or flow.
Application service virtualization helps to guarantee application execution over a distributed pool of compute resources.
Applications that are not funded in the competition described in this RFA may be resubmitted as NEW investigator-initiated applications using the standard receipt dates for NEW applications described in the instructions to the PHS 398 application.
Application Deadline: Rolling throughout year, but early application recommended
Server-based data replication, referred to by some vendors as host-based or application-based, is installed on, and operates from, an application server platform.
The CSR will not accept any application in response to this PA that is essentially the same as one currently pending initial review unless the applicant withdraws the pending application.
While other networking products can only tell us if the server is running or not, the BIG-IP Application Traffic Management product ensures that the application is running properly; enabling Net2Phone to build a reliable and scalable infrastructure and offer the highest Quality of Service to our customers.
For example, think about the typical SFA, CRM or ERP application.
With these enhancements come a greater potential for security flaws, making Web application security imperative for the enterprise, as well as an ongoing challenge.
For these reasons, the full adoption of Web application computing was severely derailed for a time.
This databook contains detailed information around the key areas of application services outsourcing in the financial services sector.
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