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Synonyms for application

Synonyms for application

the condition of being put to use

the giving of a medication, especially by prescribed dosage

steady attention and effort, as to one's occupation

a document used in applying, as for a job


Synonyms for application

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"Depends on how much they like to get under the covers." However, users might see new and useful business applications, process capabilities, or neat little analysis and display tools while visiting other companies, plants, suppliers, or even trade shows.
According to Varun Nagaraj, CEO of NetContinuum, "The application security market is maturing in 2006.
SOA, or service-oriented architecture, is one of the hottest buzzwords in IT today, and it's been gaining traction steadily as an open industry standard that vendors are anxious to incorporate into their applications. It's an integration framework that offers a series of benefits: it helps applications talk to each other; it simplifies integration of disparate systems after a merger; and it saves (or even eliminates) a lot of programming time and costs.
Clark, a former principal, had used an online application system through the county and had not enjoyed the experience.
For a first-hand perspective on how to prepare for and overcome challenges with application virtualization, I turned to Ray Leitz, CTO of AcXess, a business continuity provider for SMEs.
SpaceTag Server is the integrated Open Source Package for Windows that runs applications like "XOOPS for SpaceTag Server" (an improved version of XOOPS with an original easy-to-install feature).
Students are utilizing a diverse array of application options, from the traditional paper application sent by snail mail to electronic applications submitted in various ways.
This tends to be the most complex and expensive solution, usually involving hiring a programmer to write a custom interface using the same language as the core application, yielding a transparent result.
The recent emergence of several forms of polyolefin (PO) foam is posing a challenge to several PU foam applications, according to a new study by Robert Eller Associates.
Application Deadline: April 1 preceding fall semester student intends to enroll
For requests received before January 1, 2004, lenders need not report requests for preapproval (as that term is defined in section 203.2(b)(2) of the revised Regulation C) that do not result in a traditional loan application. Lenders may, at their option, report requests for preapproval that are denied or that are approved but not accepted.
In desperation, some turned to traditional application integration, crafting custom code that would allow them to talk to one supplier.
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