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Synonyms for application

Synonyms for application

the condition of being put to use

the giving of a medication, especially by prescribed dosage

steady attention and effort, as to one's occupation

a document used in applying, as for a job


Synonyms for application

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To enter such a lucrative drug market, the first obstacle faced by overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers and producers is how to file the application for their imported drug registration with Chinese pharmaceutical authorities.
End-Use Application - Percentage Breakdown of Consumption
You've deployed solid network security products, which means today's attack vector of choice is through your applications," reports Michael Gavin in his January 3, 2006 research titled Application Firewalls - Are they Worth the investment?
Enterprise organizations are recognizing that successful application delivery is dependent upon a coordinated effort between the network and application teams," said Mark Fabbi, Research Vice-President at Gartner, Inc.
In practice, application virtualization is most appropriately called application service virtualization.
Applications must be prepared using the PHS 398 research grant application instructions and forms (rev.
Ipanema is the only solution combining all advanced network optimization functions guaranteeing network application performance through full visibility of application flows over the network, application performance maximization and bandwidth rightsizing according to application performance objectives.
Whether operating from an application server, the controller of a high-end storage array, or from a network-resident dedicated device, the data replication application creates mirror images of primary system data on secondary volumes located anywhere on the network.
Based on precise business criteria and requirements, iRules allow an organization to easily incorporate application specific logic into the BIG-IP; resulting in significant operational efficiencies.
A longstanding leader in the delivery of Windows applications with its flagship Presentation Server solution, Citrix has extended its product line substantially in recent years, becoming a leader in end-to-end infrastructure for delivering any application to any user with the best performance, security and cost savings.
Access to the application and its underlying data is lost, as is any user work in progress.
In the demanding realm of application security, increasingly blended attacks require an evolving set of criteria to ensure that security requirements are met.
For these reasons, the full adoption of Web application computing was severely derailed for a time.
This databook contains detailed information around the key areas of application services outsourcing in the financial services sector.
As companies continue to improve their Internet presence, the challenge of developing applications that could be accessed through the web, while continually accessing a database has forced a new technology, called Application Servers.
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