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Synonyms for applicable

Synonyms for applicable

related to the matter at hand

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capable of being applied

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Therefore, searching for effective and applicably drug-resistant modulators has been given the highest priority for enhancing the sensitivity of drug-resistant tumor cells to chemotherapeutics.
The reduction in prices will be applicably to all models - Figo, Classic, EcoSport, Fiesta and Endeavor, in Ford's Indian stable.
11(c) (ii) of the ISP regulation which reads: "beneficiary includes a person to whom the right to withdraw is transferred by the designated beneficiary applicably (transferee beneficiary).
We suggest that the GD of this paper can be used to approximate the optimal solutions of nonsmooth discrete and continuous-time optimization problems, practically and applicably.
By keeping their "eyes on the prize--or more applicably, the enterprise," as one of our writers states, these cutting-edge companies have proven that they have the strength to survive in today's fragile business environment.
61 percent adoption gap in method of applicably of weedicides where as no deviation was found in the application of weedicides.
Holzinger (2005) provided the following criteria for comparison of usability evaluation techniques: 1) Applicably in Phase, 2) Required Time, 3) Needed Users, 4) Required Evaluators, 5) Required Equipment, 6) Required Expertise, 7) Intrusive.
Determining the extent of free speech rights in turn would have required them to examine the interests free speech rights are supposed to protect: individual autonomy, the discovery of truth, promotion of tolerance, and, most applicably, the maintenance of a healthy democratic republic.
Thornton: Historically we treat tumors of the spinal cord or, more applicably, tumors of tissue around the spinal cord.