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Synonyms for applicable

Synonyms for applicable

related to the matter at hand

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capable of being applied

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Physicians can also report on a measures group for 30 consecutive patients with the applicable condition or 80% of the applicable cases.
The 12-month rule is not applicable, however, to the acquisition or production of inventory property, land, components of a unit of property, or to costs incurred to improve rather than acquire or produce tangible property.
It is also difficult to determine when such a limited scope opinion might be applicable, as there is little guidance on what constitutes "the principal purpose" and "any partnership or other entity, any investment plan or arrangement, or any other plan or arrangement.
work habits, physical and mental skills that are applicable in work) and work-related interpersonal skills based on feedback about these competencies from their school or work setting (Hershenson, 1996).
9) Should any restrictions on access to information on the operations or activities of Bank or its affiliates subsequently interfere with the Board's ability to obtain information to determine and enforce compliance by Bank or its affiliates with applicable federal statutes, the Board may require termination of any of Bank's direct or indirect activities in the United States.
Investments are managed in accordance with applicable laws, trust documents and written investment policy statements.
In 5:31-32, Jesus binds the prohibition against adultery as applicable to divorce and remarriage, and does so with explicit repudiation of scriptural allowance for the latter.
Special Report 03-01 provides guidance in the applicable standards, rules and laws, and includes sections addressing conflicts of interest, work paper form and content, and reporting.
For section 401(k)(11) or 408(p) SIMPLE plans, the applicable dollar amount is $500 for 2002, $1,000 for 2003, $1,500 for 2004, and $2,000 for 2005.
Nonetheless, these cases state principles of law applicable to the case in Public Citizen v.
Also applicable to the above aircraft is an AD that would require the replacement of certain transformer ballast assemblies in the first officer's console and electrical power centre with certain new, improved ballast assemblies.
Today, the lack of clear and sufficient evidence that a lender's collateral complies with applicable zoning ordinances can - and will - hang up a closing indefinitely, and is certainly capable of adding delay to otherwise straightforward transactions.
Dexter, Kagel Canyon: plastic equipment, not applicable.
The Issuers will also pay accrued and unpaid interest to, but not including, the applicable Settlement Date.
on the taxpayer's most recently audited financial statements, certified before July 1, 2003; or (3) in the case of an applicable financial statement that fails to show a specific earnings amount, but does show a specific tax liability attributable to such earnings, the amount of such earnings determined by grossing up the tax liability at a 35% rate (Sec.