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Synonyms for applicable

Synonyms for applicable

related to the matter at hand

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capable of being applied

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Moreover, the definition of the species and that of the genus are applicable to the primary substance, and that of the genus to the species.
The antique symbol of the serpent biting its tail is, above all, applicable to science.
He murmured in his heart an expression which though frequently applicable to members of the female sex is not often used of them in polite society; but with an unmoved face he ordered his tea.
Among the innumerable categories applicable to the phenomena of human life one may discriminate between those in which substance prevails and those in which form prevails.
Paul, seems to be applicable, not merely to the earth, but to all the celestial worlds.
The rule being so plainly applicable in the case of secondary sexual characters, may be due to the great variability of these characters, whether or not displayed in any unusual manner--of which fact I think there can be little doubt.
I have chosen this example because an explanation is not in this case applicable, which most naturalists would advance, namely, that specific characters are more variable than generic, because they are taken from parts of less physiological importance than those commonly used for classing genera.
I believe the explanation is not difficult, and that it is perhaps applicable to nearly analogous facts observed in other quarters of the world.
What Mr Pope says of women is very applicable to most in this station, who are, indeed, so entirely made up of form and affectation, that they have no character at all, at least none which appears.
There are no doubt many cases to which such a supposition is applicable without obvious artificiality.
And when it has been shown that this view affords a satisfactory account of animal desires, it is not difficult to see that the same explanation is applicable to the desires of human beings.
You've simply borrowed an idea that's not your own, but you've distorted it, and are trying to apply it where it's not applicable.
Well," said the tenant, "I don't apply the observation personally to you, because it is equally applicable to most of the ghosts I ever heard of; but it does appear to me somewhat inconsistent, that when you have an opportunity of visiting the fairest spots of earth--for I suppose space is nothing to you-- you should always return exactly to the very places where you have been most miserable.
In addition, the applicable Issuers are seeking Consents from Holders of the applicable Notes to add to, amend, supplement or change certain defined terms and other provisions in the Indenture related to the foregoing, including to treat certain payments to the Investors or their affiliates following the Acquisition in a similar manner to payments to the current Sponsor (as defined in the applicable Indenture).
Potentially resolving a long-standing dispute about whether "substantially beyond the end of the taxable year" is synonymous with an asset's having a useful life of more than 12 months, (8) the proposed regulations adopt a 12-month rule applicable to the costs of acquiring many types of tangible personal property.