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wood of any of various apple trees of the genus Malus

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Applewoods has already opened six since it started selling them at the 1996 National Franchise Exhibition.
At the request of several of our Applewoods Licensees who maintain the capability to distribute products to the general trade, we have developed the new Asquith & Somerset brand.
Applewoods is joining top firms including McDonald's, Kall Kwik and Bang & Olufsen at the British Franchise Exhibition at Wembley on April 18 and 19.
Buoy, the chairman and chief executive officer of Applewoods stated, "We are very pleased by the significant decrease in our net loss during the three months ended March 31, 1998 and a 63% decline in the net loss for the nine month period.
Buoy, the chairman and chief executive officer of Applewoods stated: "Our sales increased 162% over the same quarter of the prior year, and we are very encouraged by this revenue increase.
We look forward to being the exclusive national retailer to offer Applewoods products in the United States.
Great Britain offers great potential for our products as the market has well known and defined preferences for products of the nature Applewoods produces.
As a result, it expects the first Applewoods store to be opened by June of 1997.
Buoy, chairman of Applewoods, stated, "I am very pleased to welcome these two new additions to our management team.
Applewoods recorded a net loss of $2,315,074 or (39 cents) per share on 5,927,342 weighted average common shares outstanding, on total revenues of $3,807,796.
Over the next year, we anticipate hiring additional personnel, expanding our product line and increasing the number of Applewoods stores in response to the significant worldwide demand for Applewoods' products.
18, 1996--Applewoods (NASDAQ: APWD) has recently completed a distribution agreement in the People's Republic of South Korea to distribute the company's products and to open new Applewoods retail stores.
ISC will continue to supply products to Applewoods.
9, 1996--Applewoods (NASDAQ:APWD) has recently completed agreements in the countries of Ecuador and Thailand to open new Applewoods retail stores.
We are currently undertaking the commencement of a franchising program and expect the opening of a number of new Applewoods locations by year end.