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By extending its offering of the uniFLOW Secure Print Applet to Non-Canon devices, Canon is demonstrating its confidence in uniFLOW and its abilities to provide a solution that can adapt to customers office technology, as they continually transform and grow.
In this assignment the participants were required to do the following: (1) solve an Algebra problem using the applets that accompany it (2) describe in detail their solving process, and (3) reflect on their work with the applet, emphasizing the difficulties that they met and their opinion regarding the need for applets in solving the mathematical problem they had solved.
The VISTA Applet Wizard guides the user through customizing a VISTA Applet, which consists of assigning values and display properties to its applet parameters.
However, HTML forms did act as the impetus for the next evolutionary Web technology: Java applets and custom browser plug-ins.
ON-Math seeks volunteers who possess the technical skills to develop Web-based interactive applications using Java applets, Flash plug ins, Shockwave Studio, or other online application software.
After that the applet generates a report and automatically sends it to ViaCode's customer support, enabling help-desk staff to resolve failed or flawed digital certificate implementations.
The PC Magazine Online Java applets were developed by Ledge Multimedia to give site visitors easy access to benchmark and price performance information on 58 PC notebooks.
The INSIDE Mobile MasterCard PayPass M/Chip 4 payment applet is the first in a planned family of certified branded applets, and is part of the company's ongoing development effort to offer a comprehensive suite of pre-tested or certified branded payment, access control and banking applets.
The feasibility of additional functionality in addition to eIDAS Token specification / ICAO specification, that allows the applet to work with so called Polymorphic Pseudonyms (PPs) and perform the required randomization of the PPs on the card.
With the availability of the VaultSEcure IC, smartphone manufacturers, mobile network operators and other trusted third parties can co-own the SE and install, personalize and administer their own open- or closed-loop payment, access control, transit, loyalty or other secure applets.
On Microsoft Windows platform, the SecureXML Java Applet seamlessly integrates with ActivCard Gold and Litronic NetSign CAC middleware for CAC demographic data access.
Designed to operate as either a floating applet or embedded within an HTML page, FlexSnap can stand alone or work with a servlet, efficiently handling large documents by downloading one page at a time.
This new solution diagnoses both configuration and infrastructure performance bottlenecks and provides visibility into which end-users are experiencing the worst response times, even down to the individual Siebel applet level.
Adding to the already-robust feature set, Sigaba announced several unique capabilities, including a digital signature service and the world's first embeddable secure IM applet.