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the planning that is disrupted when someone 'upsets the applecart'

a handcart from which apples and other fruit are sold in the street

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If it misfires, however, you may upset the applecart, and then your plans will be spoiled like a rotten apple.
If you are so insecure that a brown bottle upsets your applecart, seek therapy.
Saand represents someone who upsets the applecart of corruption," says Dhar.
The only reason I can think of is that they don't want to upset any club's applecart.
he only reason I can think of - which I am sure is the reason - is they do not want to upset any club's applecart.
Wolves travel to Spurs today and McCarthy expects the London club to push for the title - but adds: "We do have that nasty habit of upsetting the applecart.
We want to see someone upset the applecart," said the 1996 champion, Hill.
Last year TP Mazembe of the Congo upset the applecart by knocking out Brazilian champions Internacional and going all the way to the Final which they lost to Inter Milan.
So, the protesters in Bahrain should be prudent and not upset the applecart.
Commodity inflation could be a cause for worry as it may upset the applecart.
If the Gamecocks could play like they did at Alabama last October, but with just a little more offense, STEVE SPURRIER could upset the applecart in his division.
The lasting friendship of Robert (Welsh, but known to his pal as Roberto) and Freddo (Italian) is sympathetically described, as is the less attractive character of Reg, a budding wide-boy evacuee from London, who does all he can to upset the applecart of Italian-Welsh relations, whilst managing to ingratiate himself with Robert's family.
The data stream of dieting is similar in some ways to the financial data stream which, some pundits believe, has accelerated the financial upheaval that is upsetting our global applecart.
He made a surprise appearance for Edinburgh at the start of this season when their main netminder's arrival in this country was delayed, and he upset the applecart by guiding the Capitals to a win at favourites Sheffield.
Wyden outlined his vision for reform, emphasizing that he is most definitely "trying to upset the applecart.