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having the approximate size of an apple

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While it wasn't life threatening, the apple-sized growth on her right cheek drew unwarranted attention.
The Findings: One medium apple-sized pomegranate provides about 100 calories, plenty of potassium (399 milligrams), some vitamin C (9 milligrams) and fiber.
A haggard old man wearing tattered clothes and walking with a crutch--to counter the effects of a grotesque apple-sized open sore on his leg--hobbles over and asks, "Where are you headed?
The girl has lost an apple-sized amount of hair,'' the prosecutors' side said, but stopped short of identifying the cause of her death.
While Deb and their grown children waited and prayed, Lee underwent an operation in which an apple-sized tumor was found.
Apple maggot flies are fooled by an apple-sized sphere painted black, which like a red apple does not reflect ultraviolet light.
Taking to their beds, the victims would soon find their body sprouting burning lumps - often apple-sized - which would turn black and ooze blood and pus.
When the farmers in Israel see how they produce big, apple-sized red tomatoes at 300 tons per hectare, they are amazed.
But the apple-sized blood mark on her white sweatshirt revealed what happened.