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having the general shape of an apple

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We found that apple-shaped persons-even if totally healthy and with a normal blood pressure-have an elevated blood pressure in their kidneys.
If you admit to being somewhat apple-shaped, go for pastel skirts or trousers and wear a slimming neutral colour - like grey - elsewhere.
People who store fat around their middle are said to be apple-shaped and tend to have a greater risk of developing conditions like heart disease.
THE death of Steve Jobs, the inspiration behind iconic products that have changed the computing, music and mobile sectors, leaves an Apple-shaped hole in the digital heart of innovation.
Men typically store fat around their stomach and have an apple-shaped body type.
According to researchers writing in The Lancet medical journal, previous studies have suggested that people with 'central obesity' -- often described as apple-shaped people -- have a three times greater risk of heart attack than people with general obesity as measured by BMI.
The four typical body figures are pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass-shaped and rectangle-shaped.
The reason pear-shaped women experienced more memory and brain function deterioration than apple-shaped women is likely related to the type of fat deposited around the hips versus the waist.
The products will be packaged in apple-shaped pouches with tear-off strips, retailing at 69p, with the Kellogg's name only present subtly on the back of packs.
In the apple-shaped people, the problem is that fat is not just being accumulated immediately under the skin, but within the potentially huge fat storage areas in the greater omentum, the membrane structure that lies over and helps protect the intestines, making them at higher health risk than their pear-shaped counterparts.
Other research suggested that apple-shaped people, who have a high waist-to-hip ratio, are more likely to have diabetes than are pear-shaped people, who carry their weight in their buttocks and thighs.
Apple-shaped participants performed significantly worse on the cognitive tests than those who were pear-shaped.
We have some indication that people who are binge-drinking are more frequently apple-shaped.
SAN FRANCISCO-It's not fall yet, but Chantal is introducing apple-shaped ceramics as part of its Apple Ceramics Collection making its debut at the Gourmet Products Show.