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smelling of apples

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99) is a gentle, apple-scented shampoo and detangler; the Shower Gel ($2.
Breathing deeply the sweet, apple-scented smoke of the water pipes, I am sometimes harangued about the iniquities of George Bush, and in the next breath asked how to emigrate to America.
There's no avoiding it: As the holidays approach, your classroom elves will arrive at your desk, bearing gifts of apple-scented candles and "#1 Teacher" mugs.
There are four apple-scented, glittery shades to choose from: Golden Bliss, Full Bloom, Cherry Blossom and Peach Poppy.
95 (01282 683 100), an apple-scented nourishing balm that creates definition and works well on frizzy hair.
Mossy buds open to apple-scented flowers striped with pink and red.
The apple-scented blossom, The new-mown grass so fresh Reminds me of long country walks, The corn in fields to thresh.
The seat itself could also be made from fragrant plants, creeping mints and apple-scented chamomile, a combination repeated between paving stones to create a perfumed path.