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Synonyms for apple-polish

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

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When an apple-polishing young officer told Marshall that he'd worked long into the night to complete an assigned project, Marshall replied, "Any officer who cannot complete an assignment within normal working hours should have that failure noted in his fitness report.
Wurtzel won the Rolling Stone college journalism contest, enjoyed paid summer internships at big city papers, did all the right apple-polishing to ensure a nice job in journalism upon graduation.
And, when the apple-polishing hosts did get to the gossip part, it turned out to consist of only a few blind items that were so safe and veiled that they weren't hot at all
It will feel like apple-polishing, but you want to get to know them.
Mead spent her years at Barnard apple-polishing Franz Boaz and writing love poems to Ruth Benedict.