apple turnover

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turnover with an apple filling

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Fans love our delicious apple turnover and we're happy to share it at an incredible value on National Pie Day ," said Jason Abelkop, Chief Marketing Officer for the Krystal Company.
NON-VEGETARIAN: beans, green beans (bacon); French fries, apple turnovers (animal shortening)
Then things got really silly - when he threatened a teacher with an apple turnover which had been in the microwave.
So it was apple pie on Monday, apple strudel on Tuesday, apple turnover on Wednesday and apple crumble on Thursday.
For dessert, try a Blueberry Muffin instead of an Apple Turnover, and save two-thirds of the fat and a third of the calories.
And, for the sweet tooth, an apple turnover that really should not be missed?
Complementing the evening's lavish entertainment is a four-course feast that includes a whole rotisserie chicken, barbecue pork loin, herb-basted potatoes, corn on the cob, creamy vegetable soup, homemade Dixie bread and an apple turnover for dessert.
First place: Maddie Swanson, for her apple turnover
I buy an apple turnover and a doughnut but I'm a bit wary of the Belgian buns, for obvious reasons.
Local honey will also be included in the menu for the Annual Holiday Banquets with a pomegranate-honey reduction sauce over grilles chicken as well as honey glazed apple turnovers.
Visitors got a real flavour for the farm, as they sampled the themed menu at the Wheelbirks Parlour, featuring a new apple and cinnamon ice cream, apple turnovers, miniature pies and other treats.
For 99 cents you can order the Snacker sandwich, two biscuits or two apple turnovers.
This Philly institution (established 1923) emerged from remodeling and retooling all gleaming white and s 3otless, with zaftig sandwiches standard-setting smoked fish, and thick-as-a-one-phone apple turnovers.