apple turnover

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turnover with an apple filling

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NON-VEGETARIAN: beans, green beans (bacon); French fries, apple turnovers (animal shortening)
The Jalousie; essentially an apple turnover, and a patisserie classic.
This is God given," says Correll, who recently celebrated his 75th birthday with an apple turnover his wife baked.
At the Abacus Restaurant (Dallas, Texas), they serve Warm Blackberry Passion Fruit Soup and Heirloom Apple Turnover, along with creme brulee ice cream.
Then things got really silly - when he threatened a teacher with an apple turnover which had been in the microwave.
So it was apple pie on Monday, apple strudel on Tuesday, apple turnover on Wednesday and apple crumble on Thursday.
For dessert, try a Blueberry Muffin instead of an Apple Turnover, and save two-thirds of the fat and a third of the calories.
This week, he was in his local bakers for two of his five-a-day (an apple turnover and a slab of carrot cake) when he noticed a sign advertising two Scotch pies for PS1.
And, for the sweet tooth, an apple turnover that really should not be missed?
Complementing the evening's lavish entertainment is a four-course feast that includes a whole rotisserie chicken, barbecue pork loin, herb-basted potatoes, corn on the cob, creamy vegetable soup, homemade Dixie bread and an apple turnover for dessert.
First place: Maddie Swanson, for her apple turnover
I buy an apple turnover and a doughnut but I'm a bit wary of the Belgian buns, for obvious reasons.
Don't worry, there are also apple turnovers for pud - and the local pizza takeaway's number is by the phone
In the two white boxes were croissants, Danish pastries and apple turnovers - which were welcomed on the cold London morning.