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puree of stewed apples usually sweetened and spiced


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Apple Sauce looks a decent handicapper in the making for the stable, as she's at the right end of the handicap after a very quiet two-year- old season.
Don't mix medication with a vehicle, such as apple sauce, until just prior to administration.
Since it's light and has a handle, you can hold many different foods in these cups: cottage cheese, apple sauce, spinach, soup, mashed potatoes, etc.
based National Food Processors Association (NFPA), a technical arm of the food-processing industry, also surveyed for daminozide in apple juice, apple sauce and other packaged apple products.
Spread a layer of apple sauce on next, followed by the nuts and dates.
The new program sees the return of Popeyes' Naked Chicken Tenders to the menu, as well as the addition of two new lower calorie side items - green beans and apple sauce.
Charles & Alice is a food company headquartered in France and is one of the leading manufacturers of apple sauce in Europe.
PORK CHOPS WITH CIDER AND APPLE SAUCE SERVES: 4 PREP TIME: 15 minutes COOK TIME: 30 minutes 2 x 350g packs Scottish Pork Loin Chops 1 x 270g jar apple sauce 200ml apple cider 1 x chicken stock cube 300g each parsnips, carrots and swede 400g salad potatoes 60g butter 50ml milk Salt and pepper 5g Dijon mustard Method Peel the parsnip, swede and carrot and chop into medium size pieces.
5 APPLE sauce for meat can also be spiced up with a little bit of red chilli, a grate of lemon zest or a few rosemary leaves.
Santa Cruz Organic Fruit Sauces(Apple Sauce, Apple Apricot Sauce, Apple Peach Sauce, Cinnamon Apple Sauce, Tropical Fruit Sauce) fit easily into any lunch box or snack bag, and taste great served with graham crackers as an after-school snack.
Christmas dinner at Holme House was to include roast turkey with sausage and stuffing or roast pork with sausage and apple sauce, nut roast or beef balti (Halal option), roast potatoes and vegetables.
AA really nice simple sauce is to reduce some cider, add a little stock and reduce that, add some double cream and simmer to thicken, then stir in some grain mustard and apple sauce and season to taste.
I also like making apple sauce to accompany Sunday roast pork or breast of duck with apple, cider and calvados sauce, which over the years has become one of my signature dishes.
The seven-strong Home Cooking Sauces range from Sauce Kitchen are the first frozen cooking sauces on the market, claims the company, which has won listings at Waitrose for two of the range: Ed's Cider, Sage & Apple sauce and Seb's Smoked Bacon & Red Wine sauce (rsp: [pounds sterling]3 per box of four individual servings).