apple sauce

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puree of stewed apples usually sweetened and spiced


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Trader Joe's All Natural Unsweetened Apple Sauce products sold in Alabama, California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Louisiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, Washington and Utah and dated through Dec.
They were informed about the opportunity to participate in a survey on consumers' valuations for apple sauce.
Slice the pork and serve it with the apple sauce, stuffing balls, roasties and greens.
These were not the nightmare bites in a bag which give you heart disease, but light, snappy whirls of what tasted like very good crisps which came with a small dish of apple sauce for dipping.
For pork, apple sauce and a splash of balsamic vinegar will do the trick.
4 For apple sauce place 25ml water, chopped apples, a squeeze of lemon, 25g of the butter and a little sugar in a saucepan, cover, place on the heat and cook for 4-5 minutes until the apple breaks down.
Once this is well combined, light and fluffy, add the apple sauce and flaxseed mixture.
The Midlane Love Project pantry in Veneta received a donation of apple sauce from Sweet Creek Foods in Elmira.
Those who didn't want a traditional dinner had the option of beef balti, Christmas pie, with beans, peas, lentils and cranberry sauce; honey roast gammon or roast pork with apple sauce.
Pork and apple are great together: serve a glass of cider with roast pork, crackling and apple sauce for a memorable Sunday lunch.
APPLE SAUCE INGREDIENTS: 2 cooking apples 50ml apple juice METHOD: Peel, core and chop apples.
There will be lots of audience participation on the night and guests will enjoy a delicious hog roast with apple sauce and stuffing.
The Queen and the Royal Family have dined on salmon, followed by lamb and vegetables, then bread and butter pudding and berry compote with apple sauce.
Q If I was going to spice up my apple sauce for my roasts, what would be the best spices to use?
Also, I have been looking out for a pedometer and apple sauce for baking for sometime.