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Synonyms for apple

the apple of your eye

Synonyms for apple

fruit with red or yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh

native Eurasian tree widely cultivated in many varieties for its firm rounded edible fruits

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Steve said: "The apple pulp left over from the pressing goes to local pig farmers and maybe someday I'd like to have some pigs here myself as well.
Traditionally this drink was made from heated cider spiced with sugar, nutmeg and ginger, roast apples float on the surface and when the soft apple pulp bursts it gives the drink a frothy or woolly look.
An estimated 35,000 tonnes of pectin is produced worldwide each year and most comes from citrus fruit peel and apple pulp.
Nothing is wasted with the Philips Aluminum Juicer as you can make use of the leftover pulp - try making a delicious cake using carrot pulp along with sultanas or dry out some leftover apple pulp to make a tasty tea.
Foods high in soluble fiber include oat bran, oatmeal, beans, peas, rice bran, barley, citrus fruits, strawberries and apple pulp.
A piece of plywood, 15" x 15" is placed on top followed by another tea towel and more apple pulp.