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a grove of apple trees

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In Leominster, the apple orchard at Sholan Farms, on upper Pleasant Street, was unaffected by the storm.
The accident happened on the A174 Apple Orchard bank just before 7pm last night.
When it was first purchased, 60 acres of the farm were being used as an apple orchard.
The stretch of road will be closed for the work, set to take seven weeks, with a diversion in place along the A174, Apple Orchard Bank and Marske bypass, and the B1269 Yearby Bank.
The 2003 Vermont Worker of the Year is John Adams, 57, an apple orchard and farm market owner in Williston.
He raises vegetables in a garden 50 feet by 50 feet on his one acre lot in east Lancaster, plus he grows corn in a 25-by-30 plot and has an apple orchard.
You couldn't plant an apple orchard, or pears or avocados or even roses.
the farm was once the site of an extensive apple orchard and commercial apple production.
Ambulance crews were called to Apple Orchard Bank in Skelton just after 8.
As well as a cider bar and tasting room, the new Cider House features a fieldstone fireplace, cathedral ceilings, and wall-to-wall windows overlooking the apple orchard, meadows, and a deer pond.
The surrounding Hudson Valley area offers winery and apple orchard tours, and provides great hiking and fishing for guests.
When it was first purchased by the city, 60 acres of the farm were being used as an apple orchard.
The design was interpreted by the artist as a total dining environment under a majestic and intricate canopy of gnarled limbs in "The Apple Orchard of our Imagination".
Paul into the middle of the apple orchard and let loose butterflies in what is now a rite of spring at Sholan Farms' annual Apple Blossom Festival.