apple of discord

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(classical mythology) a golden apple thrown into a banquet of the gods by Eris (goddess of discord--who had not been invited)

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This cultural and religious diversity is not an apple of discord as it happens in many other places of our planet.
The apple of discord of Greek mythology can be seen as the exact opposite of the Belgian national motto, Eendracht maakt macbt/L'union fait la force (Strength lies in unity).
Supremacy in the Middle East is the apple of discord.
Incredible as it may seem the apple of discord is the Muslim Brotherhood and its "democracy promotion" in the region.
The Russian language became an apple of discord during a roundtable discussion in Yerevan
Kallisti, which means "to the fairest", is the inscription on the Apple of Discord in Greek Mythology, which essentially signifies the core or crux of an argument that may originally be based on a small issue but escalates into a much larger one.
The apple of discord between investors and the government was sliced in the former's favour.
The apple of one's eye and the apple of discord are both very powerful, so when you choose that apple a day to keep the doctor away, choose wisely.