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Synonyms for applaud

Synonyms for applaud

to express approval, especially by clapping

to express warm approval of

Synonyms for applaud

clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval

express approval of

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I am sure that the same laws do not prevent you from applauding the coup maker generals that you supported by virtue of the sacred American interests which are so important that the lives of millions could be sacrificed.
With only two minutes remaining, Beckham complained at a decision by referee Arturo Dauden Ibanez for which he was booked and moments later was shown a second yellow and consequent red card for applauding the referee.
Stretching down the nearly endless halls of the Pentagon were men and women, civilians and military, gratefully applauding the selfless sacrifice of these young men and women.
He assures me that applauding during the middle of a ballet is relatively new.
As for the Ad Hoc Committee and its much more meager estimate, "They should be applauding the people who had the courage and gumption to march on Washington," the weary Hardy-Garcia says, "I know I certainly would be applauding them if they had a march that was as well-attended as this one.
We were all responsible--those holding the guns, those giving the orders, even the civilians applauding it.
While applauding the thousands of wireless subscribers in Virginia who have already signed up to receive the potentially life-saving text messages, Steve Largent, President and CEO of CTIA - The Wireless Association(TM), and President of The Wireless Foundation said, "There is nothing more important than keeping our children as safe as possible, and I am honored to stand with Governor Kaine in making Virginians aware of the critical assistance they can provide in the event of a child abduction.
Kilicdaroglu, who was seen applauding Oymen's speech criticizing the government's Kurdish initiative in which he drew the controversial Dersim revolt analogy, said he had applauded the parts he agreed with in Oymen's speech.
Everton fans applauded the Watford fans for their appreciation - then the Watford fans applauded the Everton fans for applauding them
A lot more people were applauding afterward, when, in the wake of one of the most thrilling games of the season, both teams took the field, then took turns doing the snap-signal drill and embraced.
In addition to applauding the Commission, we also want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the leadership provided by the Natural Gas Council - in particular, Skip Horvath (NGSA), Don Santa (INGAA), Barry Russell (IPAA) and David Parker (AGA) - in directing the industry discussions of these important issues.
The sold- out hall couldn't seem to get enough of the Italian prima donna, applauding vigorously after each number.
CRISTINA REBUL, the Cuban diva many liken to Edith Piaf, also paid tribute by applauding the night's special performance.
The Daily News ran a photo of our illustrious president, with his signature smirk on his face, applauding in front of a relief of Ho Chi Minh.
BOSTON -- NSTAR is applauding the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board's unanimous approval of the company's plan to build a new 18-mile, underground transmission line that will vastly increase the region's energy options and ensure electric reliability for New England's future.