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Synonyms for applaud

Synonyms for applaud

to express approval, especially by clapping

to express warm approval of

Synonyms for applaud

clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval

express approval of

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I think they have to be applauded for that, we give out enough about referees but it was clearly a point and it takes fair guts to go back and change your mind on it," said the Dubs boss (left).
We have no idea whether the Mayor applauded or not.
They based their case on the fact that Beckham was not actually facing the referee when he applauded, unlike Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney who was sent off during a Champions League match in Villarreal after applauding referee Kim Milton Nielsen.
In that sense, this year's revelation by the newspaper is to be applauded.
Here, difficult is a conceptual substitution for outdated concepts of hysteria, for behavior denigrated in a woman that would be applauded in a man.
She should be applauded for using her talent to frame as horrific an issue as child sexual abuse for the general public through this film," Samuelson said.
Kilicdaroglu, who was seen applauding Oymen's speech criticizing the government's Kurdish initiative in which he drew the controversial Dersim revolt analogy, said he had applauded the parts he agreed with in Oymen's speech.
Beckham then half-turned his back on Ibanez and applauded, an action which earned him the red card.
OLICE have applauded the actions of an elderly woman who sent two conmen packing when they tried to bluff their way in.
The audience applauded after variations and the company gave two or three curtain calls after each performance.
GVA did not disclose the amount of this benefit but applauded the government for its decision to grant it.
CRYPTOCard Applauded by Europe's Leading Independent IT Research and Advisory Organization for Providing Strong Authentication with a Measurable ROI
It brought back a flood of memories,'' said Welch, who applauded when he first walked on the field and watched the Celts warm up with the Crespi-trademark snap-signal drill that Welch took to Canyon.
When Town's fans loudly applauded the award of a rare free kick on the hour mark, Mr Salisbury applauded back to at least show he appreciated the humour.