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Synonyms for applaud

Synonyms for applaud

to express approval, especially by clapping

to express warm approval of

Synonyms for applaud

clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval

express approval of

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Just over a week ago, Gers supporters stood and applauded in the 14th minute to remember Blues fan and soldier Jamie Davies who served with the Royal Regiment of Scotland.
"People and innovation are at the heart of Barnardo's success, which means it's critical to have tools like Applaud in place to help us reduce the amount of time and money we spend on administration," said Bob Darby, Information Services Director of Barnardo's.
Black, pictured, had started to make his way towards the tunnel by that point after already paying his own respects and when asked if his team should have applauded more, he replied: "I'd have to review it to be honest.
Feel free to applaud them because this is the natural outcome of your affinity with the coup makers and the bandits who coercively ousted a democratically elected leader and arrested him.
APHA applauded the Environmental Protection Agency June 15 for proposing new national air quality standards for soot, saying the proposal would reduce pollution and save thousands of lives.
Second, I applaud Army Chemical Review for publishing Captain Baker's article!
"There is no such recognition scheme currently in place in Wales that identifies, publicises and applauds deserving Asian women," she said.
"We applaud the maturity shown by the Moroccan authorities," Malcolm Smart, AI's Middle East and North Africa Director, told MAP news agency.
Mr Zaslow added: "We applaud Maple Leaf Foods for taking the appropriate strategic actions to structurally improve its margins and potentially extract value from its assets.
Let's rejoice and applaud to the President who made such a wise decision," he said and was supported by parliamentarians who applauded to the President of Kyrgyzstan.
Wyken Croft pupils line the corridors to applaud deputy head Linda Cambridge.
I applaud the Association of American Medical Colleges's new Web site to increase the number of minority applications to medical school (see "AAMC Launches Campaign To Increase Medical School Diversity, Dec.
Large and small creatures alike are contrasted and compared in a lovely, enchanting picture book designed to pick out the most unusual of species to applaud. Parents will find it an excellent way of introducing youngsters to the wonders of natural history.
After standing in solemn silence prior to the 3-1 Carling Cup victory over West Brom last night, supporters will be given a chance to applaud before the weekend encounter with Portsmouth.
A statement from the committee, who fined Beckham fined 60 euros (pounds 40) over the incident, read: "The player does applaud, but with his back to the director of the game, it is not in a confrontational attitude, but as he goes back to take up his position on the pitch.