appetite suppressant

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a drug that suppresses appetite


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This study suggests that Korean pine nut may work as an appetite suppressant through an increasing effect on satiety hormones and a reduced prospective food intake," researchers concluded.
Mealey said the new title is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of all litigation surrounding drugs and weight-loss products, including prscription drugs such as Pondimin, Redux, pentermine, Meridia, Xenical, and its over-the-counter version Alli, as well as the appetite suppressant phenylpropanolamine (PPA) and the similar weight-loss herb ephedra.
Dr Alan Patterson gave the woman the once-banned drug Phentermine, an appetite suppressant which has been linked to serious heart problems.
Although the new hormone, should it prove effective as an appetite suppressant in humans, would be quite useful in our age of obesity, it would never be available in pill form.
In the good old days, back when AIDS was an appetite suppressant and when gay meant you were happy, back in those days there was discipline in public schools.
5p after it signed a global licence and development agreement with Unilever for an appetite suppressant.
Caffeine also stimulates the central nervous system, enhances co-ordination, increases alertness, acts as an appetite suppressant and encourages fat burning.
Freeman has dropped 120 pounds since enrolling in UCLA's Obesity Risk Factor Program, an intensive weight-loss program that uses a combination of diet, exercise, behavior modification and appetite suppressant drugs to achieve results.
DENVER -- The use of sibutramine as a treatment for binge eating disorder in obese patients is now supported by two "very lovely" randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trials that have moved the appetite suppressant to the head of the list of pharmacotherapies for this most common of all eating disorders, Dr.
The appetite suppressant, derived from the hoodia succulent and based on a San traditional recipe, is potentially worth billions of rands.
Researchers believe that leptin is the body's tool for regulating appetite, alerting the brain when enough food has been consumed, and have entertained high hopes that someday it could be used as an appetite suppressant in humans.
The ministry has detected N-nitroso fenfluramine -- a banned appetite suppressant believed to be carcinogenic -- in three diet aid products from China.
The ministry warned the Japanese public last Friday against the use of the Chinese diet aids Yuzhitang and Xianzhisu after officials found in studies that they both contain a banned appetite suppressant known as fenfluramine.
The GMC's professional conduct committee heard that one patient had suffered a heart attack less than four weeks after being prescribed the appetite suppressant.