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Synonyms for appetising

appealing to or stimulating the appetite especially in appearance or aroma

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This enables processors to manufacture or market low fat' or 'lower fat' options on a wide range of foods, including chicken and poultry, fish fillets, vegetables and re-formed products, while retaining an appetising appearance and maximum flavour.
She thus recommends that individuals with weight problems should preferably avoid looking at images of appetising food.
Nobody thinks that Ryvita - or any other crispbread for that matter - looks appetising," says Williams Murray Hamm co-founder Richard Williams.
FROM BIN TO BANQUET: TONIGHT STV 8pm Jonathan Maitland challenges Antony Worrall Thompson (above) to make an appetising banquet from food found in supermarket skips.
His traditional-style chips tasted all right, but they might have been less greasy and more appetising if they'd had some old-fashioned heat inside them.
The creamy white head gives an appetising coriander aroma, followed by a surprisingly soft, dry flavour, with the zest of oranges and lemons lifting the heavy, spirit-like body.
The appetising morsels were unveiled at St Stephen's Green in Dublin under the banner of The Art Of Artisan Baking.
Four Seasons Health Care, which has 52 homes across the North East, is training all its chefs to produce food that both looks appetising and is easy to chew.
Special though the Samba is, its estimate is a less than appetising pounds 44k-pounds 52k.
LOCAL derbies take the eye in the opening round of the Stockingford AA Invitation Charity Cup with several appetising ties taking place on Sunday.
LIFE in Eccles in 1965 wasn't exactly a piece of cake, but the nostalgic new serial SEX, CHIPS AND ROCK'N'ROLL still swept away to an appetising start.
Now Glendale's appetising new line brings together the appetising taste of a savoury lamb, shepherd's pie filling, with the succulent suet pastry crust of a baked savoury pudding.
IT'S a well-known fact that blue is the least appetising colour for food and that's why, according to a snippet in yesterday's paper, the Japanese have invented blue-tinted glasses to help people lose weight.