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Synonyms for appetency

a strong wanting of what promises enjoyment or pleasure

Synonyms for appetency

a feeling of craving something

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Although the exact effect of the receptor component-binding site on the range of hosts is not clear and the appetency of the cell is still uncertain, most human isolates were classified as HA-196H and most isolates from birds were HA-196N (Weis et al.
Brooks defines narrative desire as "the arousal that creates the narratable as a condition of tumescence, appetency, ambition, quest, and gives narrative a forward-looking intention" (103).
And sooner than forgo the gratification of this moral appetency, it starts with whatever knowledge or science it hap pens to have, and makes that knowledge serve as a rule or measure of the universe, for want of a better, preferring the completeness and precision of bigotry to a fluctuating and homeless scepticism (italics added).
nutrition, appetency, sensation, locomotion, and understanding.
Boucher has a calm discriminating appetency for the decorative qualities of the young female form of which he was a connoisseur; so greatly so that he pays as much attention to the dimples and lustrous plump knuckles of her hands and feet as he does to la belle poitrine and the curvaceous back.
Into the world of perpetual solitude" and his enumeration of necessary negations in abstention to achieve a present "while the world moves/ In appetency, on its metalled ways/ Of time past and time future.