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the process whereby perceived qualities of an object are related to past experience

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The tendency to apprehend sensuous feelings as adumbrating bodily states is nevertheless merely one example of a much more deeply sedimented apperceptive tendency: namely, a "habitual thematic direction toward objects of external apperception," a global apperceptive style that "determines the course of the further formation of apperceptions" in terms of the "objective thematic," so that even subjective functioning itself is objectively apperceived, by way of the psychophysical apperception, as a component part of the world (34/64f.
Portions of data previously collected in the modified thematic apperception segment of interviews discussed in Adkins and Ozanne (2005) guided the development of the research protocol.
At their best, his arguments were wholly persuasive and his apperceptions irresistible, and if he was occasionally irascible, garrulous, and egotistical in later years, these indulgences were more than offset by his outsize accomplishments, usual decorum, and charisma.
How our lens of obseration is ground influences our sequential perceptions, apperceptions and then conceptions, for example, whether through Aristotle's entelechial design from wihtin, Cartesian dualism with res cogitans and res extensa, and physicalistic modern medicine to a fuller appreciation of each whole human life as unique and irreplaceable from conception on.
Without apperception there are no impressions, and without kinesthesia there are no apperceptions.