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perceive in terms of a past experience

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So, consciousness was faced with the necessity of apperceiving its own omniabsence.
of International Conference on Apperceiving Computing and Intelligence Analysis (ICACIA), pp.
This brings to mind Maurice Merleau-Ponty's meditations on color in Cezanne's paintings, on the mutability of a hue seen relationally to another, perceived through the biologically diverse optics of each human's vision, which makes the acts of producing and apperceiving a work deeply contingent and variable.
If we would like to link the points into units and direct attention to them (and we should not forget that our attention is aroused by mysterious units or forms in things), so we have to act, to think, to apply the ability of apperceiving to sense impressions.
This is to look directly at the values underlying the reasons another legal system does things a different way (abolishing the death penalty, for example--or prohibiting abortion on the grounds that it is murder, to take an equally good example), not in order to understand it as "information"--facts and data--but instead simply to see, apperceiving, that their value is right and ours is wrong.
This suggests that in Kant's explanatory framework apperception stands on a higher plane of generality than logical functions, leaving open the possibility of apperceiving beings with a differently constituted understanding than ours.
To Levertov the poet is constantly breathing in, "openmouthed in the temple of life" (PW 8), and while breathing in, is apperceiving the varying structures of those inspired perceptions, and how those structures varyingly connect and identify, at least for a moment, a larger form.