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There is a significant difference between a phenomenologically apperceived atmosphere (which can be a question of mood, taste, personal disposition and so on) and an ontologically approached one.
In history consciousness has been trying to solve this problem by sacrificing the very idea of death; death was apperceived as a complete stranger to consciousness.
He did not, for instance, tell us with much clarity why those bondsmen continually apperceived the shadows on the wall rather than the forms.
Abstract: Within the sphere of cognitive experience, every unknown object of perception is always apperceived by means of pre-known empirical types that vary depending on the confirmation, specification or cancelation of horizons.
The results lend support to the importance of apperceived input in the process of second language acquisition (Gass 1988).
Gass (1988) claimed that there are five levels for this incidental learning to take place: (a) apperceived (or noticed) input, (b) comprehended input, (c) intake, (d) integration, and (e) output.
It is necessary that the face have been apperceived for nudity to be able to acquire the non-signifyingness of the lustful.
The tendency to apprehend sensuous feelings as adumbrating bodily states is nevertheless merely one example of a much more deeply sedimented apperceptive tendency: namely, a "habitual thematic direction toward objects of external apperception," a global apperceptive style that "determines the course of the further formation of apperceptions" in terms of the "objective thematic," so that even subjective functioning itself is objectively apperceived, by way of the psychophysical apperception, as a component part of the world (34/64f.