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perceive in terms of a past experience

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The revolution of consciousness is not to apperceive death (and God) but to abperceive it; thus the human being will recreate himself anew.
The most eloquent example in this respect is the following: people perceive / apperceive the unfamiliar sounds of an unknown language by agency of the sounds of their own mother tongue (the collecters of vocabularies use the phonetics of their own language in order to render the sounds of the foreign language), that is why some of the sounds thus perceived may not correspond to genuine phonetic reality, being classified in accordance with their being more or less similar with the sounds in the mother tongue.
i] is the i-th apperceive variable, which may be chosen freely and determines the width of the basis function around the center [c.
Extreme weather conditions may generate disasters, which likely pose life-threatening situations and trigger stampedes of group people (Keating 1982), so passengers tend to feel strained and apperceive sensitive information, and this situation will increase the possibility of panicky collective behaviour without clear cause (Helbing et al.
4) Marx claimed to see behind the veil of bourgeois society and to apperceive a conspiracy of capitalist exploiters manipulating the social, economic, political, and even cultural institutions (not as individuals but as a class).
I now look creatively and what l apperceive I also perceive.
Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News was one of many journalists who looked to the past to try to apperceive The Decision.