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Synonyms for append

Synonyms for append

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for append

add to the very end

fix to

state or say further

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The service works as an append for existing databases that lack complete user information.
Companies looking for better data marketing solutions can put Stirista's social append to good use.
Our Canadian Phone Append service is another enhancement to the many PowerFlex services that we offer our customers," said Pam Lang, President of Inferenda.
DOTS Phone Append 2 is a real-time web service API that enables companies to append missing consumer and business phone numbers to contact data records, as well as validate and standardize submitted street addresses.
Its validation and location web services allow businesses to identify potentially fraudulent transactions, append additional contact information and process transactions in a more efficient manner.
The macro needs to run the append query for the first period first.
Let's begin with a query that will append values for the budget values of the Basic Bike.
Use the Append To line to indicate which fields within the Budget table these fields should be added to, as shown in Figure 2.
RES' Match and Append Service dramatically reduces the time and expense of post closing and lien release activities," said George Livermore, president of First American RES.
If you want to import data from one table into another, this would be accomplished with an append query.
It provides call centers with new and improved phone append/reverse phone append features that offer superior coverage, the highest match rates in the industry, and sub-second delivery of data -- data on demand.
After checking the retailer's data mart to determine if the registrant is an existing customer, QMSoft's marketing application and data servers would standardize the customer or prospect address, append age and economic information from a national household database, geocode the record and calculate distances to the nearest stores.
Updates or appends latitude and longitude coordinates to an existing database (available on Select Phone only)
Sift provides one of the industry's most sophisticated suite of services for Internet-enabled, database-driven email marketing, including an email distribution service bureau, list management services, and a service that appends email addresses to existing customer database lists.
com)-- New DOTS Email Append Web Service Enhances Contact Information 24/7.