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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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Same results were obtained except in one case of paraumbilical hernia with appendicular abscess where first swab grew Coagulase-negative staphylococci and repeat swab yielded growth of Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
In case of appendicular abscess or collection a copious lavage and irrigation of the peritoneal cavity with normal saline and Pyodine solution was performed.
77 appendicular abscess and appendectomy Normal appendix Nil Nil Nil Table-6: Post-Operative Complications Complications Group I Group II (n=31) (n=31) Wound infection 3 (9.
In our study total number of 62 patients presented with acute appendicitis in which six patients were diagnosed as appendicular mass, three patients diagnosed with appendicular abscess and three patients were lost to followup, hence they were excluded from the study.
Exceptions to inclusion in the study included children less than 3 months of age, known allergy to cephalosporins or penicillins, antibiotic therapy within 3 days before surgery, pregnancy, serious underlying illness likely to require antibiotic therapy, patients in whom the appendix was found to be ruptured or gangrenous at operation or those with appendicular or peri appendicular abscess.
Lipoma, desmoid tumor, pyogenic abscess and haematoma, iliac or appendicular abscess burrowing into abdominal wall.
On operation 66 patients were having clean, non-perforated appendicitis without pus intra-peritonealy, out of which 34 patients were given antibiotics for 3days (group A) and 32 patients were not given antibiotics after operation (group B) rest 9 patients (out of which 2 had appendicular abscess and 3 had appendicular mass and 4 had pus in right iliac fossa) were excluded from the study and were managed expectantly.
of % of Cases Cases Ca Cervix 1 2% Ca Ovary 2 4% Ovarian cyst 5 10% DUB 2 4% Haematometrocolpos 1 2% PID 4 8% Ectopic Pregnancy-ruptured 2 4% Fibroid Uterus 4 8% Hydrosalpinx 1 2% Endometriosis 1 2% Appendicular abscess 8 16% Calculus impacted at Internal Urethral meatus 1 2% Dilated Seminal vesicle 1 2% Para ureteric Diverticulum 1 2% Prostate Abscess 3 6% BHP 5 10% Ca Prostate 2 4% Pelvic Kidney with Hydronephrosis 1 2% Mesenteric adenitis 4 8% Pelvic Lymphangioma 1 2% Total 50 100% TABLE VI: Cases presented as emergency Types of cases No.
Patients who are unfit for General anesthesia, perforation with peritonitis, appendicular abscess and pregnancy were excluded.
Patients proved to have other causes of pain in right iliac fossa like renal colic, PID, ovarian cyst, appendicular abscess and appendicular mass.