appendicular skeleton

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the part of the skeleton that includes the pectoral girdle and the pelvic girdle and the upper and lower limbs

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This survey identifies rural origin as an independent risk factor for appendicular rupture and a poor clinical course.
A comparative study of the appendicular musculature of the Order Ciconiiformes.
Originally prescribed as an antinausea agent in the 1960s, the developmental toxicity of the drug was discovered after thousands of tragic cases of skeletal appendicular malformations, microphthalmia, and fetal loss occurred in humans (Mellin and Katzenstein 1962).
Variable expression of the appendicular status of the megaphyll in extant ferns with particular reference to the Hymenophyllaceae.
We built upon the nomenclature by labeling on the model the bones of the axial and appendicular skeleton.
The remnant of the mesoappendix was also identified and the appendicular artery was isolated (Figure 2).
The most prevalent musculoskeletal injuries were arthritis in the appendicular skeleton and vertebral spondylosis.
A 45-year-old white male was found to have radiographic findings of a diffusely dense appendicular skeleton, mild trabecular thickening, and multiple thoracic compression fractures indicating structural weakness.
For Goethe postulates "(1) the 'general homology' of all appendicular organs of the shoot; (2) a generalized plan for the underlying organ; (3) by repetition and transformation of the underlying organ, a generalized plan for the whole shoot.
Later chapters cover injuries of the axial skeleton, appendicular skeleton and viscera, differential diagnosis, and dating of fractures.
Similar to the more common primary sarcomas of bone, LMS most often involves the appendicular skeleton (Table 2).
Yet the treatment of nondocumentary notes in the manual is so very skimpy that some of the appendicular advice could have been usefully retained and moved to join that treatment.
Since most of the muscle mass is appendicular, and earlier studies have shown that the limb girth corrected for skinfold appears to correlate best with total body skeletal mass, whole body muscle mass in the present study was predicted from an Indian equation based on skinfold corrected arm muscle area (CAMA) (24,25).
Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) is a non-invasive adjunct tool applied to the appendicular skeleton for diagnosing osteoporosis and identifying fracture risk (FDA, 1998).
Sections two to four focus on the joint complexes associated with the axial and appendicular skeletons.