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inflammation of the vermiform appendix

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Abdominal pain is one of the most common reasons children visit the emergency department and appendicitis is the most frequent surgical emergency in pediatrics.
In a new study, antibiotics successfully treated the majority of cases of uncomplicated acute appendicitis, where the appendix is inflamed but hasn't burst or developed stones or infected pockets, researchers report in the June 16 JAMA.
The classic CT findings of nonperforated acute appendicitis include appendiceal wall thickening and dilatation, periappendiceal inflammatory changes, wall hyperemia, and nonfilling with enteric contrast.
Even though he has been afflicted with appendicitis that cost him an early exit at the Shanghai Rolex Masters, Nadal conquered the match against Bolelli.
Appendicitis, a relatively common occurrence among children, is an inflammation of the appendix, a tube that branches off the large intestine.
The lifetime risk of appendicitis is approximately 1 in 15, and appendectomy for appendicitis is among the most frequently performed operations in developed nations (Hardin 1999).
Sir Elton John The music legend has been forced to cancel dates on his world tour due to being diagnosed with appendicitis with Dr Craig Lennox SIR Elton John has said he is "lucky to be alive" after he was diagnosed last week with a dangerous tummy problem - appendicitis.
Sources in the hospital said he was suffering from appendicitis -- a condition characterised by inflammation of the appendix.
PEOPLE who feel excess pain when travelling over a speed bump could be suffering from appendicitis, research suggests.
London, December 18 ( ANI ): Experiencing pain when travelling over speed bumps is associated with an increased likelihood of acute appendicitis, according to a new study.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Although the standard approach to acute appendicitis is to remove the appendix, but findings of a study revealed that treatment with antibiotics can be just as effective as surgery.
Acute appendicitis typically presents as an isolated disease process with no other comorbidities.
The authors of this recent paper compared the safety and efficacy of antibiotic treatment versus appendicectomy for the primary treatment of uncomplicated acute appendicitis using a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.
The variability of symptoms that children with appendicitis present, along with the serious consequences of delayed diagnosis, have left ER doctors with little choice, however.
DETROIT -- Uncomplicated acute appendicitis can be safely treated by antibiotics alone, a systematic meta-analysis suggests.