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Synonyms for appendix

Synonyms for appendix

supplementary material that is collected and appended at the back of a book

a vestigial process that extends from the lower end of the cecum and that resembles a small pouch

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Appendices 1 to 4 include medical root terminology, acronyms and abbreviations, symbols, and anatomical terms.
Appendix was not found by Aristotle and Galen because they both dissected lower animals, which do not have appendices.
B: Single caecum with two obviously separate appendices.
Technical appendices describe the survey (Appendix A), provide technical details on the statistical methods and measurement (Appendix B), offer key NSDUH definitions (Appendix C), discuss other sources of related data (Appendix D), list the references cited in the report (as well as other relevant references) (Appendix E), and present selected tabulations of estimates (Appendices F and G).
The sections of the 2005 Supplement that have been posted to the OMB Web site include: updated Table of Contents; updated Part 1 and 2; six new programs; a re-write of 10 programs with significant changes; two deleted programs: minor changes to 28 programs: and updated appendices III, IV and V.
Six chapters make up the book, with the addition of two appendices.
CPAs can find further guidance on applying statistical sampling in revenue procedure 2004-29's appendices, which provide standards for uniform statistical studies.
Kendrick's study closes with transcriptions of documents and five useful appendices.
These tools are set out in Section C, Instructions for Reviewed Firm, and in Section D, Instructions for Reviewers, as well as in related appendices.