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Synonyms for append

Synonyms for append

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for append

add to the very end

fix to

state or say further

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The ID field will be gone since it isn't being appended anywhere.
Many existing services only return property-level matched email or, worse, false positive appended data.
A "Welcome Email" is then deployed to the appended donors, also commonly referred to as the "permission email." It introduces the benefits of receiving email from the nonprofit, and gives the person the opportunity to be removed from the list if they do not want to be part of the email database.
Data written to LTO 3 media is tamper proof, but like Super DLT II, it does allow files to be appended.
The problem was quickly resolved once Young became aware that she was the subject of an investigation by showing the caseworker the reference book from which she had taken the appended account.
The second gift he dispatched on this date is the hybrid Orlando with appended epigrams that he dedicated to his wife and her mother, Jane Rogers.
The current code for tongue fixation (41500) reads, "fixation of tongue, mechanical, other than suture (e.g., K-wire)." The--52 modifier should be appended when using the suture technique described.
Here's an example from ACORN: If you know that segments 1E (Prosperous Baby Boomers), 2A (Urban Professional Couples) and 2B (Baby Boomers with Children) constitute a majority of your current customer base, then be sure to get lifestyle codes appended to your next mailing list selection.
(Two examples, one from 1990 and one from 1993, are appended to this document).(1) I In addition, the Congress can at any time ask us about our views, as the Senate Banking Committee did last March.
After checking the DM Cash Payments table to ensure the data appended correctly and closing the table, return to the query and save it as "Append Q2 Cash Payments." Change 2012-1 to 2012-2, and update the Q1 and Q2 references to Q2 and Q3, respectively.
Appended to this report are summaries of recommendations for State Leadership, the State Board of Education, the Arizona State Department of Education, the Local Education Agencies, Higher Education, and to the Community.
John Hale's 1971 seminal textbook examining the political, economic, social, religious, and cultural life of Renaissance Europe is reprinted in this edition largely intact, but appended with an extended bibliography and a new preface.
The lift in profits from using the model must more than pay for the cost of the appended data and the cost of building and running the model.