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affixed as an appendage

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Maybe it was more the rise of Italian fascism in 1919 with its appendant Roman iconography that finally put an end to the "toga play"?
A translating machine in which the abbey has acquired frequently goes haywire and ruins the messages that monks try to send to different appendant bodies of the church.
Haeusler AG also manufactured and supplied hydraulic dishing press type HKP, appendant manipulator HMB and flanging machine HBM for a new production line of the Energy Engineering Services company (EES) in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, to produce boiler heads up to a thickness of 45 mm (in cold condition) and 90 mm (in hot condition) with the head diameter of 7,300 mm maximum.
He has a kind of Collar of Gold, and a Girdle of the same round his Waist; to which hang appendant four Plates or medals.
Rateliff has also provided a wealth of appendant material valuable for a fuller appreciation of The Hobbit.
He also was a member of several appendant York Rite Bodies.
International peace cooperation activities, currently stipulated as appendant duties in the miscellaneous provisions of the Self-Defense Forces law, include taking part in multinational emergency relief work and U.
Volume two, for example, starts with a series of decisions by the Crown on the nonalienability of appendant rights of commonage.