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  • verb

Synonyms for append

Synonyms for append

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for append

add to the very end

fix to

state or say further

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Last month, each sheet in the workbook was appended to a table named importOrders.
Email Append Services innovative and data-driven marketing solutions have helped many businesses in streamlining their sales, marketing and operations by matching and updating their data.
DonorBase can also append Social Media data to email records.
"The size of our database makes it that much easier for our clients to append their customer files to cultivate customer loyalty and generate cross-sell/up-sell opportunities."
Similarly, why include men over 65 on fixed incomes in your mailing when you can append demographic codes to your mailing list and select only females between 25 and 35 with incomes oyer $35,000 - particularly if that's your target audience?
Adding the bond interest data and the dividends data to the Misc Cash Flows table requires two similar Append queries.
DOTS Email Append enables businesses to increase response rates from their current contact list using appended email addresses to run opt-in email campaigns.
A copy of the organization's database (or a portion thereof) is sent to an appropriate vendor for email append processing.
The Dynamap data helps businesses capitalize on operations and improve marketing decisions by allowing users to append address-level geocodes.
The customer response to a promotion must be significantly determined by factors that the marketer can append to a prospect list; and
Copy this query and name the new version "Append Variable Selling and Admin Budget Data."
Walter Karl Interactive introduces its Email Append Solution for nonprofit organizations to maintain an active relationship with the people who have supported their cause in the past.
If you capture telephone numbers as part of your customer acquisition programs, you need to maintain them If you don't capture phone numbers, you'll need to append them.
Next, create a query and name it "Append Direct Materials to Manufacturing Outflows" (see Figure 1).
The first query is an append query named "Beginning Cash Balance" that uses the Beginning Cash Balance we put in the Reports Menu form and appends Subtotal, DetailLine, and Qtr1 to the Cash Budget table.