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Synonyms for appellative

the word or words by which one is called and identified

Synonyms for appellative

identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others

inclined to or serving for the giving of names


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Poeta reinforces his role as meta-preacher by opening the second episode of St Paul's tripartite structure with the repetition of the appellative tag 'Honorable frendys', the verb 'beseech', the attention to the play's 'prosses', and the plea for the audience to grant 'lycens' (162-4):
No material violations of the procedural law constituting a basis to cancel the judgement have been determined in the appellative hearing.
There are messages that solicit information and thus have an appellative component, but the sender's true intention seems to be to open a dialogue, a communicative exchange with the receiver.
Ginsburg (Coheleth, 1) notes: "That it [Kohelet] is not a proper name, but an appellative, is evident from its having the article in xii.
Moreover, the Turkish language is sometimes a source of difficulties in a Flemish school context: plurals are not shown in nouns, but an appellative usually replaces numerals and the plural.
9), an eerie echo of the erstwhile appellative, 'Judge of all the earth' (18:25).
The party's secretary-general agreed to arrange a meeting with the "Big Man," an appellative for Mubarak.
In the context of the colonial Trinidad portrayed in the novel the sensationalist and appellative format the newspaper undertakes, together with a hint of fiction demanded by the editor, allows it to pursue its main objective, which is to gather more and more readers on an island where being literate is not the rule, but the exception:
In Tornabuoni's tale, Judith is described as virtuous, beautiful and possessing a "manly heart" (87), reminding us of a gendered appellative that was used for Tornabuoni herself.
Clearly, endogenous reactions to Josephinist reforms discussed in later diets (Landtag) may not be neglected for the new criminalizing attitude and appellative formulations.
1) Hobbes (1588-1679) prepends his conception of a natural state with the appellative quotation 'homo homini lupus' from the Roman poet Plautus (ca.
The playful Old Javanese gloss of the Sanskrit wibhisana as ta bhisana 'not frightening' is coupled with the attribution to the appellative (kyati) 'known as fragrant' (inaran arum) and the explicit comparison to a sandalwood tree (taru kanaka), (25) which is reminiscent of the watak name of Kayuwani.
Dinosaurs have long been the centre of gravity of these meetings, these creatures having given the Mesozoic its best-known appellative of the "Era of the Dinosaurs".
As has been shown, this will depend whether the addressee is absent or not, whether the addressor feels that he is using the address term in a situation of conflict or not, or whether he is using the appellative in a purely neutral circumstance where he neither requires some service from the addressee or is not angry at the addressee.
Jakobson's emotive or expressive function (addresser), the metalingual and conative or appellative values (code and addressee) are the dominant cultural codes, present in the arts of the vocal technique and the interaction of the real (historical or modern) moodscape of the message of the opera visible on stage.