appellate court

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a court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agencies

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Lawyer Abdelaziz Essid said Samir El-Wafi will appear before the Tunis appellate court within 15 days.
In order for a candidate to be elected Sofia Appellate Court Chair, the nomination needs to be backed by at least 13 VSS members.
The National Conference of Appellate Court Clerks is a better conference for Tom's hard work and his willingness to serve in many different ways over the years," according to the organization.
A supplementary brief is being filed and the decision of the Appellate Court is expected soon.
The appellate court permitted this amendment, and modified the lower court's decision which had denied the claim, because:
The appellate court ruling affirms a lower court decision in October 2005
This decision is directly at odds with the federal appellate court decision in National Electric Manufacturers Ass'n vs.
The appellate court found that the reasonable suspicion for stopping the van ended when the agents failed to locate illegal aliens inside.
Stevens acknowledged that district courts may be better situated than appellate courts to determine the reprehensibility of a defendant's conduct.
The appellate court found the loan origination costs routine to the banking business and part of current income production, thus constituting ordinary and necessary business expenses under Sec.
IRS Can Revoke Tax Exemption Of Church For Paristan Politicking, Federal Appellate Court Rules
The decision followed a recent appellate court decision in Nov.
39) The Anagnos court refused to extend its dismissal rule beyond one which dismisses the appeal of a defendant who flees after filing notice of appeal but is recaptured and in custody at the time the appellate court takes any action.
CHICAGO -- Noting that an unimplanted, fertilized egg is not a "human being" for purposes of a wrongful death action, the Illinois Appellate Court today reversed a 2005 decision by a Cook County Judge.
Bulgariaas Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) has failed to elect a Chair of the Military Appellate Court.