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of or relating to or taking account of appeals (usually legal appeals)


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At the core of her broad appellate practice is Sungaila's passion for the rule of law and for helping shape undeveloped areas within it.
continues a proud tradition of excellence in our Appellate Practice Group, which enjoys a sterling reputation," said Haynes and Boone Managing Partner Tim Powers.
With these client-generated questions in mind, the Appellate Consultants of PrintingHouse Press, armed with years of experience and knowledge, have created a video series containing valuable insight into the procedures of both New York State and Federal Courts.
On the Record will give timely and accurate appellate procedure tips while simultaneously permitting attorneys and law firms to have a personal feel for those with whom they are consulting for their appeals at PrintingHouse Press.
There were about 162 appeals pending at the Appellate Bench of the SECP.
Zafar Hijazi has appreciated the decision of the Appellate Bench to dispose of these appeals within two months by hearing the appeals on daily basis.
Total quantity or scope: "Development of an expert assessment (analysis) the operational and functional status of court buildings managed by the Ministry of Justice Lot 1 - cover court buildings located in Sofia Appellate Region; Lot 2 - covers the courthouses located in the appellate districts of Varna and Veliko Tarnovo; Lot 3 - cover court buildings located in the appellate districts Burgas and Plovdiv.
Pengezov was temporarily removed from the post of Chair of the Sofia Appellate Court after he was charged with malfeasance in office related to the implementation of an EU-funded project under the operational program "Administrative Capacity" for an information system of the military courts in 2009.
The charges did not prevent Pengezov from running for a second term as Chair of the Sofia Appellate Court.
Before a motion for appellate attorneys' fees will even be considered by a Florida appellate court, let alone granted, it must comply with the procedural requirements of Fla.
Procedures for Motions for Appellate Attorneys' Fees
The WTO system includes two-tiered dispute settlement, automatic adoption of panel and Appellate Body reports, and remedies in the event a losing party fails to comply with recommendations directed towards it.
This latter Part first explains the structure of WTO dispute settlement; second, it notes unique attributes and competencies of WTO dispute settlement panels and the Appellate Body; and third, it postulates purposes of WTO dispute settlement, including its dialectical nature.
This is a reference manual providing guidance to lawyers representing clients in the federal appellate courts of the United States.
Many varieties of new "pro se" or "pro bono" appellate programs have been sprouting up around the country in recent years.